Wednesday, 19 February 2020


With a previous build (The pig sheds) I used bought corrugated sheets for the roofing.

Now while an excellent product, they worked out quite expensive which got me thinking, why not make your own.  So here is how I set about it.

I started by making a jig/former as I intended using heavy kitchen foil for the sheets..I cut two pieces of hard board 40 x 18 (the size of one of the sheets I had bought)

Next I glued a strip of plywood 3 x 3 in section along one edge of one of the pieces of hardboard.

with this done I glued a corrugated sheet to each of the pieces of hardboard

Now I cut a piece of kitchen foil the size of the sheets (40 x 18) and placed it on the bottom former tight up against the 3 x 3 edge stop.

Now I positioned the second former on top and against the edge stop

All that was left to do was to apply pressure on the two formers between my thumb and finger and hey presto,  corrugated sheet.

I proceeded to produce several more corrugated sheets and then glued them to a sheet of cardboard to see how they performed and looked.  By the way the kitchen foil I used was re-cycled from our Sunday roast so was quite badly creased but the 'pressing' did the job.

So matt black paint and a few rust streaks and I think it will pass as an industrial factory fence.
So there you go, how to make your own corrugated sheeting for next to nothing cost wise so happy bunny!  Till next time
don't bang 'em about


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